It uses very little current. At 4.5 watts it draws about .35 amps(350 milliamps)

You will have a few options for the installation depending on your setup and skills:

Just pick a Scenario #

* Also, indicate what length cable you would like running from the FilterSlide rail
connection to the RCA style plug(any length from 1 to 12 feet)
* If there is another method you would like me to adapt, I would be happy to discuss it.
Scenario #1 - Plug and Play:
Just plug into your dew controller.
You determine how you would like to rout the cable to the controller.

Scenario #2 - You Solder:
Connection cable is left for you to solder to the wires coming off the plug
mounted on the rail. This is if you want to thread the cable through
a hole you put in your tube or UTA

Scenario #3 - Male/Female connectors:
For similar reasons in scenario #2, but you would rather not
get into soldering.