The Astrocrumb FilterSlide Mark II

This design is intended to be used in conjunction with the Feather Touch Focuser via an adapter ring. As you can see in the pictures below, the adapter ring screws into the nose of the focuser tube.

  • Please look farther down my page for the "Original" Astrocrumb FilterSlide to be used with all other brands of focusers.
  • Click a pict for a larger view!

    • Eliminates all in and out-travel issues
    • Installs in less than a minute on all Feather Touch Focusers that have threads on the nose of the focuser tube(Older than 5 years you will have to check for the threads. Some didn't have them)
    • Works with most previous Astrocrumb Slides and Accessories
    • Made from very light weight, very rigid plastic

    -The ODT-

    I highly recommend adding my ODT(Omega Dew Terminator) on any scope that the FilterSlide is out in the open. As you can see in the pictures, the exposure to the open sky will invite the unwanted guest known as dew or frost. I don't like that guest. To be powered by any standard dew controller. If you don't typically have dew issues, then you can skip it.

    Please note that the ODT can be purchased as an add-on by the customer at a later date. But the installation at the beginning, by me, ensures a perfect fit and is anchored via ties through the slide. When installed by the client, it involves drilling a few holes in the slide and some glue. That is not a problem if you are good with your hands. But it's a lot easier for me to install it up front.

    -And the Cases-

    -And another big, new option-

    The new FilterSlide and accessories can be custom made with additional filter positions. You can order up to as many as 8 filter holes in one slide! But 8 might make it a bit extreme. Your call on how many you would like. Cases and ODT's can be made to fit custom length.


    * Entire Mark II assembly with 3 aluminum threads and Adapter ring - $135.00
    (FilterSlide has 3 threaded and one open hole for unfiltered viewing)
    * Additional filter slide - $65.00
    * Additional rail set with adapter ring - $75.00
    * Omega Dew Terminator(ODT) - $79.00
    * Extension handle so you don't have to reach around on really big dobs - $15.00
    **For each additional filter hole add $25.00 per hole per slide
    **For each accessory to accommodate the additional holes, add $25.00 per hole per accessory
    Example: for an extra slide($65) +1 more hole($25) making it 5 holes(4 threaded)= $90.00
    And for an ODT to accommodate the 5 hole slide(4 threaded) is $79 + $25 = $104.00
    Darn, I hope that makes sense...
    I prefer PayPal, but checks are fine, too
    You can order with a credit card if it is through PayPal

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    Shipping will be $15.00 for any order size shipped in the US

    International orders are welcome with additional charges depending on shipping costs

    The "Original" FilterSlide

    Which is still available, see below...

    Used on any Dobsonian scope with a focuser other than a Feather Touch

    • I built one from the common filter slide design with a few improvements.
      It came out so well, and I've gotten so much enjoyment out of "clicking"between filters.
      I'm making them available for the amateur astronomer who has always
      desired the obvious convenience of such a device.
    Will fit any diameter tube over 10 inches. And will accommodate almost any focuser.
    Can also function as a light baffle for your focuser!

    1. Details:
    2. Brass/Stainless pin-registered system for accurate filter positioning.
    3. Install assembly in 10 minutes with supplied self-tapping screws.
      Aluminum threads that accepts 3 - 2" astronomical or 48mm photo filters
      You'll get thorough installation instructions for an easy and accurate install!



    (ODT for short)

    Specifically designed for the Astrocrumb FilterSlide
    To be used in conjunction with standard dew controllers
    (Like the Kendrick or Thousand Oaks)


    Entire ODT system - $79.00

    • * Entire assembly with aluminum threads - $89.00
      * Additional Slide - $65.00
      * Additional rail sets - $55.00
    • * Omega Dew Terminator(ODM)- $79.00
    • * Birch case - $60.00
    • * Double stack case(holds 2 FilterSlides)- $90.00
    • * Triple stack case(holds 3 FilterSlides)- $125.00
    • .....Picts and info for the Birch/Brass Case
    • * Handle option for the FilterSlide
    • * (see the picture of the Denkmeier adapter)
    • **add $15.00 for each slide
    ---Shipping will be $15.00 for any order size shipped in the US---
    International shipping available($$ to be determined)
    For orders or questions please email me!





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