A Few more reviews

Your FilterSlide is one of the best accessories I can imagine for a big Dob.
It makes the difference between using a filter and not using one in many
instances, because it's so convenient to be able to go between different
types of filters or no filter at all. It's also nice not to have to worry
about threading the filter onto the eyepiece or dropping one or the other in
the process. I have one slide with a Deep Sky, UHC, and OIII
semi-permanently threaded in and another with rotating miscellaneous color
filters. RGB would be good for imaging. I hope you're selling a lot of them;
it's a really useful product.

18" Obsession

Roger's filter slide is the best non-optical accessory I have ever used. It is so easy, educational and fun switching from a non-filter to a filter while looking at emission/planetary nebula. Highest recommendation for this tool.

-Dan22" Starmaster

I recently installed the Astrocrumb filter slide on my 18 inch, f/4.5 truss tube dob. Now I'm able to switch between O-III, UHC and other filters instantly without fumbling around with expensive accessories in the dark and cold. A big plus when hunting down planetaries or even exploring the intricasies of the Veil Nebula.

The unit installed easily in my upper tube assembly. AstroCrumb recommends that two people perform the installation process - and I know now that this definitely would have been the way to do it, but I was able to do it myself after carefully placing the unit according to the instructions and test fitting the parts.

The only thing that didn't come in the filter slide kit was a plastic case to keep the filter board and filters in for storage. There is no reason - other than dust - why you couldn't leave the slide board in its rails all of the time since the unit doesn't protrude out the ends of the UTA.

By the way, the unit had another benefit. It effectively baffled my focuser from stray light leaking in around the lower edge of my UTA when the shroud isn't on it.

I highly recommend some kind of filter slide for any deep sky observer. I find that I'm getting the benefit of filters (and fun) more than before because I have easy access to them. Astrocrumb builds great filter slides and I can recommend them.


18" Obsession

For the money, I do not believe you can beat Roger's slide for value. I made one about a year ago. If I didn't have a plaer-jointer, I would have had problems doing it. Plus, it took me a while to get it right (trial and error stuff).


20" Obsession