Click between all your filters!

No more messing with trying to screw those expensive filters onto your eye pieces in the dark.

(Seen here is the Mark II)

I offer 3 types of FilterSlide Assemblies:

1) The "Original" FilterSlide

2) The Mark II

3) A Customized Assembly

*Each with Multiple Options*

The mark II


This design is intended to be used in conjunction with the Feather Touch Focuser made by Starlight Instruments via an adapter ring, made by them  specifically for my FilterSlide assembly. As you can see in the pictures below, the adapter ring threads into the nose of the focuser tube.

Mark II Details:

  • Eliminates all in and out-travel issues
  • Installs in about a minute on all Feather Touch Focusers that have threads on the nose of the focuser tube(Pre 2008 you will have to check for the threads. Some didn't have them)
  • Works with most previous Astrocrumb Slides and Accessories
  • Made from very light weight, very rigid plastic

The "Original" version


My "Original" version is used on any Dobsonian scope with a focuser other than a Feather Touch. This version is designed so the customer will mount the rails to the UTA via 4 wood screws. Instructions are included.


"ODT" for short



Specifically designed for the Astrocrumb FilterSlide.

Custom made fore each slide, No matter what length or

number of extra holes.

To be used in conjunction with standard dew controllers.

(Like the Kendrick, Thousand Oaks or Astro-Cube)


The Birch Cases

It's a good idea to protect your investment in filters! I've designed this case for convenience in the dark and to stand up to the abuse in your accessories case. Birch wood. Ipswitch pine stain. Satin varnish. I am also offering custom cases that will hold 2 or more FilterSlides. It is simply the same design, just stacked together.



The new FilterSlide and accessories can be custom made with additional filter positions. You can order up to as many as 8 filter holes in one slide! But 8 might make it a bit extreme. Your call on how many you would like. Cases and ODT's can be made to fit custom length.


* Entire Mark II assembly with 3 aluminum threads - $135.00

(3 threaded holes plus 1 open hole for unfiltered viewing)

* Additional filter slide - $65.00

* Additional rail set with adapter ring - $75.00
* Omega Dew Terminator(ODT) - $79.00
* Extension handle so you don't have to reach around on really big dobs - $15.00

For my "ORIGIANL' version price is $89.00

**For each additional filter hole add $25.00 per hole per slide

**For each accessory to accommodate the additional holes, add $25.00 per hole per accessory including birch cases

Example: for an extra slide($65) +1 more hole($25) making it

5 holes(4 threaded)= $90.00
And for an ODT to accommodate the 5 hole slide(4 threaded) is $79 + $25 = $104.00
Darn, I hope that makes sense...

Email Me!

As every order requires me to confirm compatibility, please email me with all inquiries! Initially, I will need to know the brand and aperture of your scope and the brand of focuser.

Astrocrumb FilterSlidse and Accessories

Customized Assemblies

UC Dobs


Bracketed for a particularly tricky UC

Longer FilterSlides


As seen above, I can make custom FilterSlides with more holes!

Shimmed to reduce intrusion into the light path.


While there isn't much affect whist actually observing, the intrusion into the light path can be minimized what extra attention to the mounting.

Me doing my thing...


Yup, working hard!


PayPal only after you and I email details about your order!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

If preferred, I can take checks also!
I'll provide my address, if needed.




The title of this picture was " Look what's NOT covered in frost!!"

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about astrocrumb

It's just me...

It was driving me crazy dealing with screwing in those 2" filters every time I wanted to try a different view. So for that reason(and I needed a way to finance a full set of Naglers...), I came up with the Astrocrumb FilterSlide.

Basically, I produce the Astrocrumb FilterSlide in my workshop, from scratch. There are 2 parts I have help with. The adapter ring for the Mark II that threads onto the Feather Touch Focuser, made exclusively for me  by Starlight Instruments. And the threaded aluminum rings produces by DVF corporation.

Producing each FilterSlide is pretty much custom and on demand as there are just too many scopes out there with different idiosyncrasies. So my turnaround times will vary depending my workload.

Thanks for your interest in my FilterSlide!

-Roger Greenwood

Milford, Massachusetts

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